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Barbara's latest novel Harmonic Deception

Harmonic Deception

A Liz Hanlon Novel

by Barbara Reed

Tonight's performance could make Liz Hanlon's music career. For Liz, the night is magical until three teenage girls in outlandish disguises burst into the LA nightclub with assault weapons. Within minutes, two hundred patrons are stripped of their cell phones and valuables, one man is dead, and two others are wounded. As the robbers make their getaway, the shooter's belligerent remarks let Liz know this is more than a random attack . . . and she is the target. Desperate to expose the shooter before she attacks again, Liz seeks help from an eccentric investigator and her brother, an attorney, but neither they nor the police detectives believe the crime was personal. Her debut is on hold, her love life in a tailspin. She devises a perilous plan to draw the shooter out of hiding, but the girl makes a counterattack and when face to face, Liz's desire for revenge forces her to make a choice. By morning, it's over, or so it seems. But an unresolved issue from the past comes to light and it changes everything . . . Read the first two chapters of Harmonic Deception.

After more than 20 years of making distinctive and alluring music, Barbara discovered another avenue for expression - developing a memorable character and placing her in the middle of the Los Angeles music scene with all the high-stakes intrigue she deserves. Read the first chapter of her highly-acclaimed mystery novel High Notes Are Murder.


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Hear music written for and about the characters:


"Barbara Reed’s High Notes Are Murder features a heroine as smart and likable as any in crime fiction today. Singer Liz Hanlon’s voice remains strong and pure throughout this refreshing debut novel."
-Martin J. Smith, author, Time Release, Shadow Image, and Straw Men

“Barbara Reed delivers a double treat with High Notes Are Murder and its companion CD: a fine mystery and musical accompaniment to die for. Heroine Liz Hanlon is smart, big-hearted and talented—an up-and coming jazz singer, pianist and composer whose career looks bright until a scandal from the past threatens to destroy her and anyone else who stands too close. Reed provides a witty, fascinating insider’s look at an LA music scene that is weirder and scarier than most fans will ever know.
--Taylor Smith, author of The Innocents Club , and Guilt By Silence

-- An exhilarating blend of contemporary jazz, spicy Latin and provocative ballads --

"Barbara Reed casts a spell over audiences..." 
Tedd Thomey   
Press Telegram 
"Barbara Reed exudes class." 
--Al Rudis, Press Telegram 
"Barbara Reed is on the rise."
   --Arts & Entertainment Weekly
    "...a personal kind of jazz and blues..." 
    Valley Weekend 
    L.A. Times
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