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The Barbara Reed Group

"Barbara Reed exudes class." --Al Rudis, Press Telegram


Music from Barbara Reed Onstage:

Looking for really special LIVE music for your event? You want it upbeat and entertaining, and naturally you want it classy, but you want it to be fun, too. You know you love Jazz, but you Barbarastill want to dance to your favorite R&B and Pop classics. You want the music to be suitable for those quiet, intimate moments and also be able to cut loose when it's time to Rock.

That's not expecting too much! Barbara Reed and her band stack their repertoire with song titles from contemporary giants like Bonnie Raitt, Bill Withers, Joe Cocker and Stevie Wonder, to the crooners of the 40s and 50s such as Frank Sinatra, and back to an era when swing dancers stepped to the rhythms of the big bands. You'll hear Blues classics by B.B. King and Bessie Smith, piano classics from the likes of Fats Waller, and famous rockers by Elvis . . . played by talented musicians who respect both the style of the songs and your eardrums, and sung by Barbara, a passionate singer who maintains the heart of the song by setting the mood, and drawing you in with touching and understandable--lyrics.

It's not too much to expect that your event be memorable, and you can make that a reality by contacting Barbara Reed at: If a strongly entertaining single performer is what you need, Barbara Reed can bring elegant vocals and piano to the occasion, including all the same favorites you hear with the band. For more punch and rhythm, round out the group with any number of players from 2 to 5. The band can be tailored specifically to fit the size and acoustics of your room.

Barbara performs at Kelly’s Restaurant in the Naples section of Long Beach, at Galli’s Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga with her trio, and was a steady on Monday nights at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, an upbeat New Orleans style restaurant in Downtown Disney.

Along with drummer Jeff Fish, they've been part of the "house band" at the Stadium Club at Dodger Stadium for several years, and have performed at countless events such as the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach as well as jazz and pop clubs throughout Southern California.

The Group's style is a perfect blend of Pop, Jazz, Blues, Latin and R&B, with originals and plenty of requests. An entertaining evening for all. Check the Events page for updates, or email email us at for last minute details.

The Mailing List:

Don't want to be left out? Click on the Events tab above and check back often for updates. OR: email us at Send us your email address and we will include you in our next email notification. You'll always know where the fun is!

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